SVH3 Mismanagement

Grand Master Shangheiney
Hare Raiser Gungadick
Haberdasher Cheese Nips
Hash Cash Dual Tools
Beermeister Dead Fish

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GM Chopped Liver
Religious Advisor Whorebraham Lincoln
Beermeister Cheese Nipz

SVH3 Web Page

Web Master Worm gins (at) thirasystems.com
Drunk Circle Nothing Interesting badpirate (at) gmail.com

Mismanagement duties:

Grand Mistress/Master – administer down-downs and does any planning.
Hare Raiser – Seeks Hare Volunteers aggressively.
Religous Advisor – lead the hash in song that the Joint Masters don’t do (for example: Father Abraham).
Hash Cash – collect the hash money.
Beer Meister – buys/brings the beer/munchies.
Hot Line – Keep answering machine run list updated
Email – Makes & sends run information via email
Web Master – Keeps web page updated.