Message from NI –

I know there have been a number of not so serious (but seriously received) emails recently about the status of the FHAgnews Weekly Thursday Hash.  And I had 2 major take aways:

  1. The FHAgnews (Thursday) Hash has had a pretty rough time with attendance and mismanagement since losing it’s regular, smart, funny and good looking beer meister.
  2. There are a lot of people who would love to see the FHAC-U continue to survive and live on (that good looking beer meister included)
Sadly, Taco Bell has found out that FHAC-U only has about 5 active members, not the 50 that Squirt told them, and they stormed out of our contract signing meeting.  So something else must be done.  After speaking with the assembled members of the SVH3 and FHAgnews mismanagment, and in proper Tyrannical fashion, I’m making the following 3 following changes effective immediately:
  1. With the birth of my second child, I decided it would be too hard to try and carry on beer meister and Tyrannical RA Duties for the FHAgnews.  Squirt (Also GM of SVH3) has filled whatever mismanagement shoes ably in my absence, but I’m sure not quite as well. Now that my youngest has turned one, my wife has told me to get the hell out of the house more often and start hashing again. As of today, I will be returning in a bloodless coop as Tyrant of the FHAgnews, I will bring beer to the trails as well, relieving the hares of this onerous task
  2. For the last 5 years or so the FHAC-U and Agnews hashes have been merged into the FHAgnews hash, this has allowed the hares to choose what kind of a trail they’d like to run, but it has also made it not clear what type of trail will be run.  As of today, the FHAgnews will go back to being separate bi-weekly FHAC-U and Agnews Hashes.
  3. Recruiting has been hard.  The culture in the US and specifically Silicon Valley has changed dramatically.  And in this new light, the H3 looks pretty bad.  I’m pretty sure that we have all seen, been the victim of, or have perpetrated sexual or racial harrassment at the Hash.  Much like Fraternities it’s baked into our traditions.  The combination of corporate diversity policy and HR changes, and societal changes has meant that the Hash has become a place that is not safe to bring your co-workers to.  Leaving the larger issues of how the Hash can evolve to move into the future aside, we need to tone it down to bring in fresh young (and woke) blood.  So Henceforth, the Agnews is declared a “Safe For Work” Hash, a hash you can safely bring your Chief Diversity Officer too.  We’ll still run trail with flour, we’ll still drink beer in the middle of and after the trail, but instead of circle we will proceed immediately to on after.  Also, while we should be more sensitive to issues of diversity and harassment, the FHAC-U will remain a typical hash, with circle, down down’s and swing low
Finally, Squirt and I will be haring the Agnews Revival Trail, starting at (and hopefully sponsored by lol) Sports Basement in Sunnyvale.  I will be dumping tons of FB $$ into an advertising campaign for this trail to try and recruit new blood (and test the better living through “cleaner” hashing theory) — So would appreciate anyone who can help come out and balance all the new blood.
– Nothing “Dead Serious… now” Interesting