Hash History


Grand Master Grand Mistress
1982 Gildo I don’t need one-Bullshit
1983 Gildo Buns Bunny
1984 Third Base Jugs Bunny
1985 Chong Meat Pie
1986 No Film Spider Woman
1987 No Film HeadSet
1988 Fucking Nuts Falsie
1989 Wanker No Balls
1990 Wiener Shit Faced
1991 Foul Balls Wet Hairs
1992 Gunga Dick Rock and Roll Mama
1993 Stickless C.C. Rider
1994 Dr. Dick Laid Off
1995 Vee Dee Twisted Sister
1996 Dirty Dingus Princess Pig Ass
1997 Chisel Cheeks Good Eats
1998 Sucking Up Spouse Terminator
1999 Electrical Testical Hairy Vetch
2000 Gunga Dick Seeing Is Believing
2001 Poopy Pants Skid Mark
2002 Morning Missile Panty Free
2003 See More Dick Menage-a-toe
2004 Finger in the Dyke Beaver Spit
2005 Wackoff Smirnoff Pussy Killer
2006 See More Dick 1 Dollar Roll
2007 VeeDee Laid Off
2008 Crutch Cargo* Douche of Hazard
2009 Arabian Goggler Butt Barrier
2010 Phallas Alarm Mossy Patch
2011 Mach 1 Whore Tanya Hardon
2012 Taint Brush Nipple Me Elmo
2013 Dammit Janet Knees for B’s
2014 Got Wood Knees for B’s
2015 Rhino in my Mouth Knees for B’s