AGM 2019

SVH3 1098 and AGM

The doggies had a meeting, 
They came from near and far, 
Some came by motorcycle, 
Some came by motorcar. 

Each doggy had a nametag, 
Each doggy signed the book, 
Each doggy hung his arsehole 
Upon his very own hook. 

One dog was not invited, 
Imagine his great ire. 
He ran into the crowded hall 
And promptly shouted, “Fire!” 

The dogs all ran in panic. 
They had no time to look 
Each doggie grabbed an arsehole 
From off another’s hook. 

And that’s the reason why, sir, 
Where ever you may roam. 
And that’s the reason why, sir, 
Over land or sea or foam. 

And that’s the reason why, sir, 
A dog will leave it’s bone. 
To sniff another’s arsehole, 
To see if it’s his own.

Saturday, October 26th, 1pm, kegs tapped at noon

Los Gatos Oak Meadow Park Picnic Area 6. Off to the right of the bandstand. Turkey and Eagle trails.  

As per tradition, 2019’s AGM festivities will take place in the Halloween season, so feel free to don your favorite unorthodox a.k.a. tacky costume items, and come out for a grand old time. The official costume theme for this event is: Doggy Style! That could mean dog onesies, dog collars, dog hats, or, um, bring yo dawg? You’re mostly all adults; you’ll figure it out. Snacks, BBQ chicken, and veggie burgers will be provided. We encourage you to bring a zesty side dish to share. Real dogs also invited!

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 1.  Register – click here

2.  Pay – Just $15 until Oct 18.  $20 Oct 19 to the event.  Covers beer, BBQ/veggie option.  Bring a side dish to share!

Click on $15 linked above.  it will take you to Dual Tool’s PayPal site.  In notes enter AGM 2019.